Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
Cammy Renwick's Lament Piobaireachd Bruce Short Bruce Short 2006
Campbell's Corn Hornpipe Lee Hegarty 2009
Captain Eric Drew Tutor Q.V.S. 6/8 Quick March willie mccoll willie mccoll 2003
Captain Horne Strathspey Trad.
Cascade, The Reel Andi MacInnes Andi MacInnes 1994
Catch Up! 2/4 Hornpipe Andi MacInnes 2010
Catchy RE HASED 6/8 Jig L/cpl C Gerbich / PM B. Clark L/cpl C Gerbich / PM B. Clark
Cevapcici C Reel Benedikt Groh 2003
Chariots of Steel 2/4 March David N. Siegel David N. Siegel
Chariots of Steel 2/4 March DN Siegel DN Siegel 2003
Charlie Leckie 6/8 Slow March Dr Bruce Thomson 2007
Charlie Thomson 12/8 Two-Step Dr Bruce Thomson
Chasing Midge 4/4 Hornpipe PM Albert F. Rowe 2004
Chasing The Storm Away 3/2 Reel Glenn Millard 2005
Cheynes' Half Ton, The 4/4 Strathspey Dr Bruce Thomson 2006
Chicken Jiggin' 6/8 Jig Andi MacInnes 2010
Chirs Seiler 4/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 2006
Clan McColl 2/4 Hornpipe willie mccoll willie mccoll 2009
Clare 2/2 reel Wim Verkaik 2008
Climb the Fiddler 6/8 March Dr Bruce Thomson 1999
Cluny MacPherson 2/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 1985
Cock o' The North 6/8 March
Cock, Hook and Look 6/8 Jig Simon Meehan 2004
Codnor Castle 4/4 March Stewart Scott sStewart Scott 2008
Coleen McCloskey's Jig 6/8 6/8 Jig Dave Mason 2012
Comet Racer 2/4 Hornpipe Callum Mathers 2010
Coming Home (+ 2nds) 4/4 March Tony Crawley 2012
Comrie Capercaillie, The 2/4 Hornpipe Dr Bruce Thomson 1999
Congress Reel, The 2/2 Reel
Conrad Northrup 9/8 Slip Jig Andrew Worrall 1998
coops wedding 2/4 weird hornpipe Scott Garden 2010
Cords and Tassels 6/8 jig Dan Chaffee 2017
Corrienessan's Salute Piobaireachd Trad.
Corrienessan's Salute (long) Piobaireachd Trad.
cosmas cascade 2/4 hornpipe SFU s garden ????
Courage, de concert avec Paris 4/4 Slow Air Andi MacInnes Andi MacInnes 2015
Craigs "Jigerdee" Jig 6/8 Jig Craig Gerbich Craig Gerbich
Croft End 9/8 Jig Dave Mason Dave Mason 2005
Crossing the Gala Water 2/4 H/P Andi MacInnes n/a 2015
Crossing to Flanders 3/4 March James S. Finan 2016
Crystal Hill 2/4 march dan chaffee 2017
Cu MacIomhair Strathspey G .Maciver 2014
Culshy's Hornpipe 2/4 Hornpipe Stuart Higgins Stuart Higgins 2006
Curtis R.R. McColl Reel Reel williemccoll williemccoll 2010
D/M Raymond G Macdonald 6/8 March Ivor Mackay Ivor Mackay 2002
Dance at Dummossie Muir 2/4 Hornpipe Andi MacInnes Andi MacInnes 2004
Dance for 2sox 6/8 jig Andi MacInnes
Dancing To The Piper Strathspey williemccoll williemccoll 2016
Dannsa an Solas Coinneal 4/4 Dance P/M Joaquin Ayala David N. Siegel 2003
Danny Boy 4/4 Air Trad. Dr. Charles Ballantyne