Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
A Hundred Pipers 6/8 March
A. A. Cameron C Strathspey
Amazing Grace 3/4 Hymn
As I Was Kissed Yestere'en 6/8 Jig
Ash Grove 6/8 March Mark James
Atholl Cummers 4/4 Strathspey
Auld Adam 6/8 March
Bannocks o' Barley Meal 6/8 March
Black Bear 2/4 March
Brentwood Bay 6/8 Slow March
Brose & Butter 9/8 March
Cock o' The North 6/8 March
Congress Reel, The 2/2 Reel
Dolan's Ass 2/4 March PPL
Earl of Errol 2/4 March
Fair maid of barra
for All Eternity
Fulton's 6/8 Jig 1998
Gary Owen 6/8 March K. Rose
Gathering, The seconds 6_8 Slow Air
God Save Ireland 4/4 March
Good Drying Reel
Good King Wenceslas 4/4 Carol R.W. Macmillan
Heroes of St.Valery (Harmony) 3/4 March Gavin Stoddart
Kelly, the Boy from Killane 4/4 March
Mairi's Wedding (Mhairi Bhan) 2/4 March
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore 6/8 Slow March Terence Manning
RSPBA MAP Tune Collection March, Strathsp RSPBA
Suo Gan (with seconds) 3/4 Air
The Balmoral Highlanders - Hornpipe 2/4 Hornpipe B.J.McLaughlin
The Battle of Waterloo 4/4 March Donald MacLeod
The Bluebells of Scotland - thirds 4/4 March
The Brown Haired Maiden 2/4 March
The Merry Boys of Greenland 2/2 Reel
The Swallow-tailed Coat 2/2 Reel
Will Ye Go Lassie Go (Wild Mountain Thyme) 4/4 Aire Terence Manning 2011
Garbage Hill 9/8 retreat march 8010 2005
Monkey Island 9/8 march 9/8 march 9/8 8010 2006
"My dearest on Earth, give me your kiss" N/A Ceol Mor ? P. Society ?
Unknown 6/8 2 Suide ? Morten Jessen ?
Unknown Suide ? Morten jessen ?
RSPBA MAP The Drunken Piper 2/4 March A. MacLeod RSPBA
Krom the Watermelon 6/8 Jig A. Schrenk 2006