Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
La Piazza del Suonatore di Cornamusa Scozzese 6/8 Air David N. Siegel DN Siegel 2007
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores 6/8 Air Traditional Seahorse
Suo Gan (with seconds) 3/4 Air
The Final Peace 4/4 Air Andi MacInnes NONE 2006
The Marco Polo 6/8 Air Andrew Worrall 1992
The Trossachs 2/4 Air DN Siegel DN Siegel 2004
The Unfinished Air 4/4 Air E.W.Verhoeven 2008
Untitled 6/8 Air Calum Thom Calum Thom 2018
Vapor Trail 2/4 air Dan Chaffee 2019
Jason Li 4/4 i Air into Jig Julius Li Me 2007
Claudia s and Finlays Tune 6/4 Air or march Gilbert MacKay Gilbert MacKay 2017
Gentle Bess - Farewell to my Grandmother 12/8 air/funeral mar Richard Harris 2006
Ae Fond Kiss 4/4 Aire Robert Burns Terry Manning
Flow Gently Sweet Afton 3/4 Aire Traditional Terence Manning 1999
Will Ye Go Lassie Go (Wild Mountain Thyme) 4/4 Aire Terence Manning 2011
America The Beautiful 4/4 Anthem Katharine Lee Bates S.L.S 1893
ANCHORS AWEIGH 4/4 Anthem LT Chas.Zimmermann Mark James 1906
Grand Old Flag 4/4 Anthem Trad.
Sounds Like The Star Spangled Banner 3/4 Anthem John Stafford Smith Brian Douglas Berlin 2006
South Africa National Anthem 4/4 Anthem Trad.
Ton Bale Kadodal 2/4 Bretton Trad.
The Gathering 2/4 Carch Andi MacInnes 2006
First Noel, The 3/4 Carol Trad.
Good King Wenceslas 4/4 Carol R.W. Macmillan
Jingle Bells 4/4 Carol Trad.
Joy To The World 2/4 Carol Trad.
O little town of Bethlehem 4/4 Carol Trad.
Up On The House Top 4/4 Carol Trad.
We wish you a merry christmas 3/4 Carol Trad.
"My dearest on Earth, give me your kiss" N/A Ceol Mor ? P. Society ?
Bretton Dance 2/4 Dance Trad.
Dannsa an Solas Coinneal 4/4 Dance P/M Joaquin Ayala David N. Siegel 2003
King David's Dance 2/4 Dance David N. Siegel DN Siegel 2004
The Funny Shaped Ball 6/8 Dance John Macdonald 1995
Debka K'fitza 2/4 Debka (Line Dan David N. Siegel DN Siegel
Not a swan on the lake 6/8 Gaelic Air Trad.
Thug Mi Gaol C Gaelic Air Trad.
Crossing the Gala Water 2/4 H/P Andi MacInnes n/a 2015
The Wild Mouse 2/4 H/P Andi MacInnes NONE 2006
Alicia and Zoe 2/4 Hornpipe James S. Finan 2004
Amber's 2/4 Hornpipe Paul Fox 2009
Back Counter Dance 2/4 Hornpipe Andrew Worrall 2009
Back in the Game 2/4 Hornpipe Callum Mathers Callum Mathers 2009
Back To Front...2/4 Hornpipe 2/4 Hornpipe williemccoll williemccoll 2019
Bassman from Alba 2/4 Hornpipe Mark Sutherland original composition
Bouillabaisse 2/4 Hornpipe DN Siegel DN Siegel 2004
Bouncing off the Wall 2/4 hornpipe dan chaffee 2018
Breakaway 4/4 Hornpipe Kane McManus 2007
Burnin' Down the Mountain 2/4 Hornpipe Stuart Higgins Stuart Higgins 2004