Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
Coleen McCloskey's Jig 6/8 6/8 Jig Dave Mason 2012
Crossing the Gala Water 2/4 H/P Andi MacInnes n/a 2015
Campbell's Corn Hornpipe Lee Hegarty 2009
Catch Up! 2/4 Hornpipe Andi MacInnes 2010
Chasing Midge 4/4 Hornpipe PM Albert F. Rowe 2004
Clan McColl 2/4 Hornpipe willie mccoll willie mccoll 2009
Comet Racer 2/4 Hornpipe Callum Mathers 2010
Comrie Capercaillie, The 2/4 Hornpipe Dr Bruce Thomson 1999
cosmas cascade 2/4 hornpipe SFU s garden ????
Culshy's Hornpipe 2/4 Hornpipe Stuart Higgins Stuart Higgins 2006
Cailleach an Dudain 6/8 Jig Trad.
Callan's Birthday Jig 6/8 Jig Richard Harris 2006
Catchy RE HASED 6/8 Jig L/cpl C Gerbich / PM B. Clark L/cpl C Gerbich / PM B. Clark
Chicken Jiggin' 6/8 Jig Andi MacInnes 2010
Cock, Hook and Look 6/8 Jig Simon Meehan 2004
Cords and Tassels 6/8 jig Dan Chaffee 2017
Craigs "Jigerdee" Jig 6/8 Jig Craig Gerbich Craig Gerbich
Croft End 9/8 Jig Dave Mason Dave Mason 2005
Caelens Lullaby 6/8 Jig and March James Haslip James Haslip 2018
Cabar Feidh 4/4 March Trad.
Cadence Of the Loom, The 2/4 March David N. Siegel David N. Siegel 2004
Caitlyn Marie 3/4 March Dave Carter Dave Carter 2006
Callums New Kilt 2/4 March John W. Frater 2003
Callums Tune 4/4 March John W. frater 2003
Cameron Cairney 6/8 March David N. Siegel David N. Siegel
Chariots of Steel 2/4 March David N. Siegel David N. Siegel
Chariots of Steel 2/4 March DN Siegel DN Siegel 2003
Chirs Seiler 4/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 2006
Climb the Fiddler 6/8 March Dr Bruce Thomson 1999
Cluny MacPherson 2/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 1985
Cock o' The North 6/8 March
Codnor Castle 4/4 March Stewart Scott sStewart Scott 2008
Coming Home (+ 2nds) 4/4 March Tony Crawley 2012
Crossing to Flanders 3/4 March James S. Finan 2016
Crystal Hill 2/4 march dan chaffee 2017
Cammy Renwick's Lament Piobaireachd Bruce Short Bruce Short 2006
Corrienessan's Salute Piobaireachd Trad.
Corrienessan's Salute (long) Piobaireachd Trad.
Cameron Johnstone 6/8 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll 2003
Cameron Johnstone 6/8 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll 2003
Captain Eric Drew Tutor Q.V.S. 6/8 Quick March willie mccoll willie mccoll 2003
Callum Wallace 2/4 Reel Dr Bruce Thomson 2002
Cammy Doon! 6/8 Reel Kyle Bremner Kyle Bremner 2006
Cascade, The Reel Andi MacInnes Andi MacInnes 1994
Cevapcici C Reel Benedikt Groh 2003
Chasing The Storm Away 3/2 Reel Glenn Millard 2005
Clare 2/2 reel Wim Verkaik 2008
Congress Reel, The 2/2 Reel
Curtis R.R. McColl Reel Reel williemccoll williemccoll 2010
Conrad Northrup 9/8 Slip Jig Andrew Worrall 1998