Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
RSPBA MAP Tune Collection March, Strathsp RSPBA
RSPBA MAP The Drunken Piper 2/4 March A. MacLeod RSPBA
Road To Ayr, The 3/4 Retreat Andi MacInnes Andi MacInnes
Rumtopf 6/8 jig Andi MacInnes N/A 2012
Remember the Times 4/4 March Benjamin McLaughlin 2004
Requiem For Heroes 3/4 Slow March Bill Elliot 1, Major Steven Smal 2. Pipe Major Drew Nessl 2006
Requiem For Heroes 3/4 Slow March Bill Elliot Drew Ness 2006
Return Of the Barbarian 6/8 Jig Colin Elder Colin Elder 2005
Rush Hour Reel Craig Gerbich Craig Gerbich 2001
Rattlebox 6/8 jig Dan Chaffee 2008
River City 2/4 march Dan Chaffee Dan Chaffee 2007
Rubha Creagan Dubha 6/8 Slow Air Dave Mason 2001
Ratcatcher's Jig, The 6/8 jig David N. Siegel David N. Siegel 2004
Rolling Thunder 4/4 Slow March David N. Siegel DN Siegel 2001
Rattray Head 5/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 1983
Rena Prentice 12/8 Two-Step Dr Bruce Thomson
Resolution 6/4 March Dr Bruce Thomson 1996
Richard Leckie 2/4 Hornpipe Dr Bruce Thomson 2007
Robin Melville 2/4 Reel Dr Bruce Thomson 2007
Rocky To The Bay 2/4 Hornpipe Glenn Millard
RSPBA MAP MacKay's Farewell to the 74th 2/4 March H. MacKay RSPBA
RSPBA MAP Molly Connell C Strathspey J. Wark, Strathclyde Police RSPBA
Ross Vail Cameron 6/8 March James S. Finan 1989
RSPBA MAP Auchmountains Bonnie Glen 2/4 March John Balloch
RSPBA MAP The 25th KOSB's Farewell to Meerut 2/4 March John Balloch RSPBA
RSPBA MAP The Earl of Mansfield 2/4 March John McEwan, 92nd RSPBA
Robert A MacKenzie of Bruichladdich 2/4 Hornpipe Kenneth I. MacKenzie Kenneth I. MacKenzie
Racing For Raja's 6/8 Jig Matthew Slater 2010
Rain Drenched Ducks 6/8 Waltz Matthew Slater 2010
RSPBA MAP 72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen 2/4 March N Mathieson RSPBA
RSPBA MAP Men of Argyll 2/4 March P. M. John A. MacLellan D.C.M. RSPBA
RSPBA MAP The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball C Strathspey P. M. John A. MacLellan D.C.M. RSPBA
RSPBA MAP The Piper's Cave 2/4 March P.M. J Sutherland RSPBA
RSPBA MAP Australian Ladies 2/4 March P.M. William Ferguson
RSPBA MAP The Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering 2/4 March P.M. William Ferguson RSPBA
Repeater 6/8 Jig Scott Giffin Scott Giffin 2004
Rainy Night on Curletts Road 2/4 Hornpipe Simon Meehan 2005
RSPBA MAP Aspen Bank C Strathspey T Douglas RSPBA
Richard's 50th 6/8 Jig Thomas Curd 2008
Rory Thomas 2/4 Hornpipe Thomas Leigh Thomas Leigh 2005
Rakes of Kildare, The 6/8 Jig Trad.
Robin Adair 4/4 March Trad.
Rory O'More 6/8 March Trad.
Rose Among The Heather, The Strathspey Trad.
Rowan Tree (with 2nds), The 4/4 March Trad.
Rothiemurchus Rant 4/4 Strathspey Traditional
RSPBA MAP Because He Was a Bonny Lad C Strathspey Traditional RSPBA
RSPBA MAP Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle 2/4 March Traditional
RSPBA MAP Captain Horne C Strathspey Traditional RSPBA
RSPBA MAP Circassian Circle C Reel Traditional RSPBA