Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
The Battle of Waterloo 4/4 March Donald MacLeod
Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray 2/2 Reel Aenaes Rose
Galashiels (An Geal Àth) 6/8 jig Andi MacInnes na 2015
The Mighty Moriston 2/4 March Andi MacInnes na 2012
The Secret Assignation C Strathspey Andi MacInnes na 2012
Wild Ettrick C Strathspey Andi MacInnes na 2015
The Bees Wedding 6/8 Jig Dave Mason Additional parts added 2002 1999
The Dudeldorf Lions Pipes & Drums Folklore Festival Finale 2/4 Hornpipe David Alexander Hunter Original Composition 2004
Ave Maria 4/4 Hymn Franz Schubert Sean Hannaway
SGT Gray's Favourite (Kerry Polka) 2/4 Polka Irish Traditional SGT B Gray 2008
Achi Baba Nullah 4/4 March James S. Finan
Alicia and Zoe 2/4 Hornpipe James S. Finan 2004
Anne Macdonald Finan 2/4 March James S. Finan
Brigadier W. D. Macnanara 9/8 March James S. Finan
Ross Vail Cameron 6/8 March James S. Finan 1989
The Barrackpore 2/4 Hornpipe James S. Finan 2005
Edge of the Vortex 6/8 Jig John Macdonald 1996
Last Bus to Balerno 6/8 Slow Air John Macdonald 2015
The Funny Shaped Ball 6/8 Dance John Macdonald 1995
The Playfair Steps 6/8 March John Macdonald 2014
Amazing Grace - 2nd 3/4 Slow Air Jonathan TILLY Jonathan TILLY 2005
Matt and the Modem 2/4 Hornpipe Liam Kernaghan Liam Kernaghan 2005
My First Medley Arrangment Many Medley Liam Kernaghan Liam Kernaghan 2005
Strange Police 2/4 Hornpipe Liam Kernaghan Liam Kernaghan 2006
Stuart Eastons' Cat 6/8 6/8 March Liam Kernaghan 2005
Wrong Understanding 2/2 Reel Liam Kernaghan Liam Kernaghan 2005
Bassman from Alba 2/4 Hornpipe Mark Sutherland original composition
Abide With Me 4/4 Hymn Original Tune - Eventide Iain Smith
79th Farewell to Gibraltar 2/4 March P/M John MacDonald
The Road to Lisdoonvarna Cut T Reel Trad. w/Original 3rd and 4th parts Jake Withee 2006
A Man's a Man for a' That 2/4 March Traditional
Aspen Bank 4_4 Strathspey Traditional
Back To Donegal 6/8 March Traditional
Bonny Woods of Stirkoke 4/4 March Traditional
Dr. Whitaker 2/4 hornpipe Traditional James S. Finan
Dream Valley of Glendaruel 3/4 Retreat March Traditional
Drunken Landlady, the 2/4 Hornpipe Traditional
Farewell to Erin 2/2 Reel Traditional Duncan
Farmer's Daughter 4/4 Reel Traditional
Fingal's Weeping 2/4 March Traditional
Flow Gently Sweet Afton 3/4 Aire Traditional Terence Manning 1999
Flowers of the Forest 2/4 Lament Traditional
Hey Johnny Cope 2/4 March Traditional Terence Manning
Inverness Gathering 2/4 March Traditional
Kate Dalyrymple C_ Reel Traditional
Lad who wears the plaid, the 4/4 Strathspey Traditional
Lads of Kilmarnock 4/4 Strathspey Traditional
Michael Row your Boat Ashore 4/4 HYMN TRADITIONAL Mark James UNK