Spanish Tunes-------SENT

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Spanish Tunes-------SENT

Post by sandy » Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:22 pm

Hi Does any one have any Spanish themed tunes? A friend is going to Spain for a wedding
and he wants to give the guests a few tunes on his pipes.
Any format

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Re: Spanish Tunes

Post by george » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:52 am

The Spanish National Anthem is Marcha Real. Here it is arranged for pipes.

Bagpipe Music Writer Gold:1.0








"Spanish Anthem",(T,L,0,0,Times New Roman,16,700,0,0,18,0,0,0)

"",(Y,C,0,0,Times New Roman,14,400,0,0,18,0,0,0)

"arr G Delanghe",(M,R,0,0,Times New Roman,10,400,0,0,18,0,0,0)

"",(F,R,0,0,Times New Roman,10,400,0,0,18,0,0,0)

"Marcha Real [Royal March] Unknown Author",(I,L,0,0,Times New Roman,11,700,0,0,0,0,0,0)

& sharpf sharpc
I!'' thrd D_4 LA_4 gg F_4 Dr_8 dbha HAl_8
! HGr_8 hdbf Fl_8 El_8 Dl_8 gg Dr_8 Cl_8 eg Bl_8 LAl_8
! thrd D_4 E_4 gg F_4 'f HA_8
! '1 HGr_8 hdbf Fl_8 El_8 Dl_8 dbha HA_4 'ha ^3s LGr_16 LAl_16 Bl_16 ^3e _'
! '2 HGr_8 hdbf Fl_8 El_8 Dl_8 dbha HA_2 _'

& sharpf sharpc
I!'' gg HA_4 Fr_8 'f HAl_16 HG_4 hdbe Er_8 'e HGl_16
! tdbf F_4 thrd Dr_8 'd Fl_16 dbe Er_8 LAl_8 dg Bl_8 Cl_8
! '1 thrd D_4 E_4 gg Fr_8 'f HGl_16 dbha HAr_8 HGl_8
! hdbf F_4 E_4 thrd D_2 _'
! '2 thrd D_4 E_4 gg Fr_8 'f HGl_16 dbha HAr_8 HGl_8
! hdbf F_4 E_4 thrd D_2 _'

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