Road March 6-6 CAV

Got a camera phone, scanner or digital camera? Then post your piping pictures here. Just be aware that that any inappropriate pictures will be dealt with a severe lack of sense of humour.
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Road March 6-6 CAV

Postby angry rob » Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:05 pm

I just piped for 6-6 Cavs Spur ride 2 weeks ago. Made a big time professional mistake too. 5 min before the road march I pulled out my chanter reed to take a look and cracked it, so I had to run and get my other pipes out of the car. If I do a show I always have a two sets of pipes and back up reeds for each chanter. But the mistake I made was looking at something that really didn't need an eye on. Grandpap always said don't fix something that's not broke, Rob.
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