Fletcher pipes and Eezedrones

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Fletcher pipes and Eezedrones

Postby bear » Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:21 pm

Hi, I have a slight problem. I have a brand new set of Fletcher pipes(30th birthday pressie!) which are just outstanding, but no matter what reed I put in the middle tenor drone, it will either double-tone and when I can get it in tune, it will only tune to the other drones when it's at the very top of the tuning pin. Which is no good. I'm using Eezedrones which I bought in 2001 and they have seen reliable service in my old MacPhersons and the Glens that I had as a novice piper. I'm blowing at a constant pressure, there are no leaks in the(Ross)bag and the rest is all maintained regularly. I am pretty much on my own as regards to pipes in my part of the world. Any help would be most welcome. I've tried Shepherd SM90s before but couldn't get on with them. I'm not a heavy blower so I need something that doesn't need loads of air.
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