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Saul Bagpipe Tuning System

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:19 am
by SpicyMcHaggis
Does anyone have experience with the Saul Bagpipe Tuning System? I just acquired one online and it is being mailed to me, but I was looking for more seasoned "battlefield" feedback/comments/reveiws on it... for those that have not heard/seen it:

He is out of stock, and so is everywhere else until he finishes the redesign, allegedly was supposed to be released in March 2012... [/url]

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:33 pm
by Greg_in_London
I've seen the idea, but never used one. I've tried a contact mic on the drones (the way I'd attach a tuner to a fiddle) but it was less effective than holding the tuner over the drone. That was with a cheap contact mic and the contact should be better with these fixed ones.

Was the price reasonable ?

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:58 pm
by SpicyMcHaggis
depends on where you get it... its priced at 220 USD from Mark's site, but up here in Canada the Retail tag is 400 CAD, everywhere is sold out, I go t mine used... It arrived next day, seems to be a killer unit, but i think I need new contacts... Ive got an email in to Mark to see what he recommends, I might have used the wrong kind of tape or something...
as a stand alone unit its quite bang on from what i can tell, very fine tuned even in "Normal" mode... "Pro" mode doubles the accuracy to 1/2 of a Hertz and its gauged in delta Hertz for true accuracy, note recognition seems solid, but im having an issue with it, probably just did the calibration wrong, once again an email to Mark is pending reply (last one he got back to me in 24hrs) so all in all Id reccomend it for everyone...


OK! so after emailing Mark back and forth (he truly is dedicated to advancing the bagpipe revolution by the way, a true genius and gentleman)

It turns out the issue i was having is quite simply fixed by educating my self on the standard discombobulation that is a Chromatic Tuner (itll do, if someone shows you the math/adjustments needed to make it work), compared to a Saul System (tuner FOR Bagpipes, BY Bagpipers)...

The problem I was having was easily fixed when Mark POinted out that despite what the Korg (PMs not mine) was saying, I was not infact playing where I thought I was, but instead ~21Hz higher due to the specificity of the Saul Tuning System... All fixed thanks to a Fairly brief, but effectively put and explained Theory Lesson... All in all i love this product and cant wait to get farther and farther into it...