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Pvt. William Albert Lee ( At The Battle of Kut-El- Amarah ) 4/4 Quick March

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:35 pm
by williemccoll
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The siege of Kut Al Amara (7 December 1915 – 29 April 1916), also known as the First Battle of Kut, was the besieging of an 8,000 strong British Army garrison in the town of Kut, 160 kilometres (100 mi) south of Baghdad, by the Ottoman Army. In 1915 its population was around 6,500. Following the surrender of the garrison on 29 April 1916, the survivors of the siege were marched to imprisonment at Aleppo, during which many died. Historian Christopher Catherwood has called the siege "the worst defeat of the Allies in World War I". Ten months later, the British Indian Army, consisting almost entirely of newly recruited troops from the Western India, conquered Kut, Baghdad and other regions in between in the Fall of Baghdad.

My Wife's Grandfather Pvt. William Albert Lee. fought here and was wounded.