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It's a Drag

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 5:45 am
by Elias
My bagpipe teacher Jake Shafer has asked me to put this song up for a while and see what you fellow bagpipers thought. He asks if he could change anything to make it better.

After a week or so I will take this song off of this site.


Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 1:22 pm
by philamor
Well, Elias, what changes indeed. I have set the BWW out a bit better (lost the 6/8 from each line. I have also included a copy of the layout of the text, which for me helps me locate a bar or a note in a bar easily as the text is spaced out between beat groups (usethe TAB or even put in the word 'space' - lower case - where you require the spacing and the prinout will be more pleasing to read. Just small cosmetic things. I hope the attchment keeps the same order

The tune itself - I have put in a dg - D gracenote here and there, plus one or two gg - G gracenotes, but these are purely from a personal point of view as a tutuor and thinking about guys playing together from a Pipe Major and band point of view, again my preferences. Also, where's the other parts? There seems a lot of scope here for more. Nice syncopation used throughout.

As you see, these are mostly cosmetic things, the meldy stands up. Just attention to the detail of the text will also help you formulate the tune in your head, though. Terribly untidy text, fairly jumbled idea of the tune in your head. If you cannot write the tune correctly, yet you play it correclty, you must have two different things in your head for the same tune, which cannot be a ggod idea, surely. I refer to hand writing of tunes, but the text for the BWW does stand up to the same scrutiny. Good layout for the BWW, good layout in your mind, good rendition of the piece. Discipline, that's the key. Shorthand for just getting the tune down for later working, but final piece as you see it in your mind.

Anyway, who needs the lecture. Your own tutor will give you all this and more, no doubt. keep composing and see if there might be more parts for this jig.


Andi - philamor

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 3:39 am
by Elias
Thanks. I'll send the complements and changes to Jake.