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Posted: Sun May 27, 2007 8:37 am
by david n. siegel
Composed for a piper of ours who has been sponsored by an FMM player into a grade 3a Holbaek Pipes & Drums, a competition band in his home country. While visiting with us, he heard one of our young pipers at band practice, and put forth the idea of him training with a serious 3a band for a couple of months. Holbaek is going to the Worlds this year again, and our piper will be with them for what we hope will be a great experience.

Thus this tune...


ALSO, someone made a comment to a new 6/8 march posted here that pipe music isn't just jigs, hornpipes, reels.

I very much agree.

A real, old-fashioned kilt-swinger march is still cock o' the walk for me.