Mardi Gras piping?

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Mardi Gras piping?

Post by philamor » Fri Apr 16, 2004 4:15 pm

How's about this one then. The Padre attached to the band I am P/M of, the Black Watch Army Cadet Force P+D's, has a great sense of humour. I was tuning my drones at a camp last year and the initial bits of this tune came out. After humming it a while, the Drum Major, myself and a few pipers couldn't stop jigging to it, so it became a tune and the Padre was a perfect title choice.

I try! :)

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The Padre's
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Open the doublings a wee bit, sounding a bit like ethinic drums. You had to be there. .bww users set the gracenotes duration at 32-35. Good luck!
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