The Mighty Moriston

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  • Tune Database entry
  • Tune Name: The Mighty Moriston

  • Tune Type: 2/4 March

  • Composed By: Andi MacInnes

  • Arranged By: na

  • Year Composed: 2012

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The Mighty Moriston

Post by philamor » Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:55 pm

I was reading an article on line about the splendid fishing to be had on the Moriston river, between fort William and Inverness and some of the article mentioned the loss of some of the majesty of the river after the construction of the Loch Cluanie dam in the 1950's, which I thought was a shame. Although still well documented as giving forth rich fishing opportunities, there must have been a certain impact upon the whole ecosystem when the dam was constructed and one or two pictures do show the river not looking so vigorous as before, although the electricity production from the dam must in its way benefit the community, so I hope more good was done than harm, though I am no expert on these matters. This is the march that The Secret Assignation Strathspey was written on the back of.
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If you cannot write a tune down that you can play so that they are identical, how can you truly say you know the tune!

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