' The Union Of Crowns ' 1603 2/4 Quick March

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' The Union Of Crowns ' 1603 2/4 Quick March

Post by williemccoll » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:02 pm

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Light Two Four March
Not a very good recording if you keep the sound low you will not hear so much crackling

Until the early 17th century England and Scotland were two entirely independent kingdoms. This changed dramatically in 1603 on the death of Elizabeth I of England. Because the Queen had died unmarried and childless, the English crown passed to the next available heir, her cousin James VI, King of Scotland. England and Scotland now shared the same monarch under what was known as a union of the crowns.

Unified state
James was not satisfied with this arrangement. He wanted a complete or perfect union that brought the two kingdoms into a single, enlarged and unified state.
In May 1603, within weeks of arriving in London, he prepared the way by issuing a proclamation for the uniting of England and Scotland

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