New 3/4 for my band

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  • Tune Database entry
  • Tune Name: The Fields of Barley

  • Tune Type: 3/4 March

  • Composed By: Andi MacInnes

  • Arranged By: NONE

  • Year Composed: 2006

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New 3/4 for my band

Post by philamor » Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:48 pm

I was just learning 'Bill Machenko and the Tacoma Scots' when I started thinking of another tune that I might use to accompany it. Well, as is often the case, I began to think of something that appeared to be new, and out came this tune. My band like it and now we play it along with Bill Machenko, giving a bit of life to the usual retreat selection. :)

Please leave critique if you wish, good or bad, it all helps the composing curve towards being able to realise others are taking interest and that maybe, just maybe, one of my compsitions might have merit - miracles do happen!
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