Tune Database

Tune Name Tune Type Composed By Arranged By Year
La Piazza del Suonatore di Cornamusa Scozzese 6/8 Air David N. Siegel DN Siegel 2007
Lab-lassies 2/4 March Wim Verkaik 1964
Lad who wears the plaid, the 4/4 Strathspey Traditional
Lads of Kilmarnock 4/4 Strathspey Traditional
Lady Carmichael of Castle Craig 4/4 Strathspey John Gow
Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray 2/2 Reel Aenaes Rose
Lady Marys Walk 2/4 Slow Air Dr Bruce Thomson 2001
Lament For Jimmy Dignon 6/8 Slow williemccoll williemccoll 2009
Lament for Mary MacLeod Piobaireachd Trad.
Lament for the Republic 4/4 Piobaireachd M. Walz M. Walz 2008
Lament For The Unnamed Soldiers..12/8 Lament 12/8 Slow/Lament williemccoll williemccoll 2018
Lark in the morning 6/8 Jig Trad. QIAPB
Last Bus to Balerno 6/8 Slow Air John Macdonald 2015
Late Again 6/8 Jig Calum Graham 2006
Late Again!!! 6/8 jig Scott Giffin Scott Giffin 2005
Lather, RInse, Repeat & Felix and His Amazing Underpants 2/2 Reels Cory Rennebohm Cory Rennebohm ????
Le Gaiety Escape 6/8 Jig Dave Mason Dave Mason 2000
Leaving Home 6/8 Slow Air Scott Giffin Scott Giffin 2004
Leaving Welly B ( Wellington Brks )...3/4 Quick 3/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll
Lee's Hot Winda 2/4 Hornpipe Stuart Higgins Stuart Higgins 2007
Lemon Drops And Curly Tops 6/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll 2017
Lemon Drops And Curly Tops...6/8 Slow 6/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll 2201
Leoprad Skin Butter 6/8 Jig Thomas Curd 2009
Les memoires de Valenciennes 4/4 march Andi MacInnes 2006
Lesley's Fancy 6/8 Jig Paul Fox 2007
Lesley's Farewell to the Grey 2/4 March Paul Fox 2007
Let Erin Remember the Days of Old 4/4 Slow March Trad. PPL
lfc21 12/8 jig Simon Meehan 2005
Lidia's Melon Patch 4/4 Reel Terence Manning Terence Manning 2012
Life In The Dorm...6/8 Slow 6/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll 2018
Lightning of the Mountains 6/8 Jig Jack 2010
Lightyears's Journey 6/8 Jig David N. Siegel DN Siegel 2005
Lismore Pipe Band's Diamond Jubilee 6/8 March Glenn Millard
Little Mallaig(Maliag Bheag) 6/8 March Nicholas Leck Nicholas Leck 2008
Little Miss Greenwood 2/4 Hornpipe Andi MacInnes 2007
Little Spree, The Piobaireachd Trad.
Little Trotter 6/8 Jig Ethan Camilleri 2014
Loch Rusky 2/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll 2016
Lochan Fionn ( Loch Fionn The White Loch ) 2/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll 2016
Lodi Lake 2/4 slow air Dan Chaffee 2009
Logan & Emily 6/8 Jig Lee Hart Lee Hart 2001
Logans March....2/4 Quick March 2/4 Quick March williemccoll williemccoll
London Bridge is falling down 2/4 Song Trad.
London Road 4/4 March Andrew Worrall 2011
Lonely Sunday 4/4 Slow Air Maximilian Platzner 2012
Longing to the Highlands 6/8 Slow March Michael Hoffmann 2010
Loose Hound 2/4 Hornpipe Derek Shepherd Derek Shepherd 2012
Lord MacDonald of Nielston 6/8 March Paul Fox 2009
Lorna MacKillop's Schottische 2/4 Hornpipe Kenneth I. MacKenzie Kenneth I. MacKenzie 2002
Lost In Time...6/8 Slow 6/8 Slow March williemccoll williemccoll 2018