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Endorphin Rush

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:37 pm
by TheRodger
Endorphin Rush is a 10+ Hot sauce not fit for Human Consumption.

This Tune may not be for you IF..... You think the GHB is only capable of playing 9 notes. You make frowny faces at "Faulse" notes. "True and Correct Setting" is even in your vocabulary. You would be adverse to wearing horn-rim "nerd glasses" and a Devo power cone.

The Fly Poop is as close to accurate as I can get it. This Tune may sound different in real life, than what it looks like on paper.

Endorphin Rush implies that its played at a quick tempo. I often play it to finish a set starting with "Sleeping Tune" , "Alan MacPherson Mosspark" and finishing with 'Endorphin Rush". This is my signature set.

One kinda-sorta might think of it as a "Randy Thing" to play after a "Crazy Train" intro.

:? The system seems to not like the EP3 file, but I did try.