Braw (Accord) Bagpipe Tuning app for Android

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Braw (Accord) Bagpipe Tuning app for Android

Post by viperpiper » Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:24 am

Today a free Bagpipe Tuning app has been released for Android tablets and phones.
Accord Bagpipe Tuner has been written specifically for the tonal and tuning requirements of the Bagpipes, and uses highly advanced pitch detection algorithms which have been further customized for the pipes.

The tuner is responsive, accurate and precise. It it also written to be efficient, so you don't need an expensive phone or tablet to be able to run it. The efficiency also means it has relatively low battery consumption.

The tuner lets you tune your chanter and drones based on a reference Low A calibrated to your chanter.

The tuner automatically detects which chanter note or drone note you are playing, based on what is the loudest/closest to your devices microphone. The gauge will then indicate how sharp or flat your chanter note or drones are, allowing you to tune them to achieve sweet sounding pipes.

It can be downloaded free from the Google Play store here: ... oir.accord.

(There is also a more generic version, the Accord Chromatic Tuner, which can be used as a Guitar Tuner, Violin tuner (pretty much any musical instrument). It is also free, and available form the Google Play store here: ... ir.gaccord.)

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