RULES - Forum rules of conduct

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RULES - Forum rules of conduct

Post by viperpiper » Thu Apr 22, 2004 1:13 am

The rules below were designed to ensure all visitors to this site have an enjoyable experience.

All Visitors who participate and use the Forums and Site Facilities are expected to read and agree not to break any of the Forum Wide Rules set out below during their time on the site.

These Rules are applicable in all Forums and Site Facilities including but not limited to PM, Guestbooks and Personal Profiles. In addition, individual Forum Rules created by the Forum Moderators may supplement these Rules. Visitors are expected to refer to those Rules also and agree to comply before participating in the Forum.

No offensive, insulting, profane or vulgar remarks are allowed. This also applies regarding comments about other people who do not frequent the site.

Try to stay on topic at all times. Try not to drift off topic during a thread conversation. Please don't join in with off topic discussion even if others are. Instead, try starting a new thread and linking to it. Off topic posts may get deleted, and threads that really get out of hand will be closed.

Post similar questions together. If you have several questions, it's better to ask them all in the one thread rather than create additional threads to ask each within. Make use of the edit feature in your post to add more information.

Try not to post duplicate threads. Use the [ Search ] to check if the topic you wish to post exists in the Forum already - it's very possible someone already asked your question! [ Search is located in the top menu ]

Use short, concise thread titles. When posting a new thread, it's a good idea to use a short, yet informative title, so it is not too long and other Visitors to the Forum know what your thread is about.

Try not to double post!. If you post additional identical replies/posts by mistake, please delete the duplicate replies by clicking the del link at the bottom of each. Where you need to add more information on to your original reply, click edit at the bottom of your post and add more to it, instead of clicking Reply and creating two replies.

Do not impersonate other Visitors. Trying to pretend to be someone else on the site, including Staff, is not allowed, because firstly you'll be bad at it and secondly you will be punished!

Do not spam. Under no circumstances are you allowed to spam anywhere, within any Forum on this site. If you are caught spamming any forum, you'll be in trouble!

Do not use other accounts to break any of the Forum Rules. Please do not attempt to break rules as another Visitor or Unregistered Guest [ Unwashed Heathen ] for the purpose of anonymity to avoid punishment. All Moderators and Site Staff can find out who you are if they need to!.

Do not attempt to break Rules as an unregistered Member. Unregistered Members, or Unwashed Heathens, can also be identified using the same means to identify registered Members, and repeated abuse and rule breaking as a Guest will result in trouble! So don't go clicking Log Out to cause trouble - you can still be tied to your account!

Do not create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban. Trying to get around a ban using secondary/additional member accounts will result in a permanent banishment of all binding accounts from which you have created. Further abuse will lead to your ISP being informed for site abuse - that can mean you won't have the Internet anymore - yes, even just because you got in trouble on an Internet site!

Do not aid other Visitors to bypass bans! Using your knowledge of the site workings and Moderator tools to help a troublemaker or banned Visitor will get you in a lot of trouble as well.

Pornographic content is not permitted on this Site. Young Visitors frequent this Site, and should not be exposed to adult material. This includes the provision of links to source material, or the posting of pornographic text or imagery anywhere on the Site. So keep all of those "special pictures" to yourself, noone wants to see them here!

Do not use inappropriate avatars, custom titles or signatures. Using any of these site provisions to show sexual imagery or text, profanity, religious, social or personal slandering is a serious offence.

Do not pose as an Administrator or Moderator. Visitors to the Site who are not recognised Administrators or Moderators with full credentials, should not pose as either through the use of Administrator or Moderator in their Member name, avatar, custom title or signature. This includes but is not limited to using the following titles or deviant spellings of admin, Administrator, Webmaster, Staff, Mod and Moderator.

Do not use this site as a secure communication medium. Confidential information or details of a fragile nature should not be transmitted to another Visitor using PM, the method of private messaging on the Site. The Administrators have access to these messages if necessary and accept no responsibility resulting from the exposure of this information to the public through using PM.

Do not attempt to distribute or discuss Warez or any other illegal software or counterfeit merchandise. This includes the provision of links to websites and/or file transfer software for the obtaining of this material. We recommend that you buy all your software legally!


Disciplinary Measures

Should a Visitor be found guilty of breaking one or more of the above Rules, they may serve a variable amount of time under certain restrictions. These can include various punishments like not being able to post as much every day, or being banned from one or more forums completely.

Repeat rulebreakers or serious offenders will be subject to a permanent ban, whereby they cannot use site facilities ever again, or in extreme cases, we reserve the right to contact the Internet Provider of the Visitor to have them disconnected.