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Post by Bagpiper_Si » Fri Jan 06, 2006 11:02 pm

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Post by Lachie » Tue Apr 04, 2006 7:20 am

:shock: Well Done Si
I Wouldn't of thought u had it in u
Lachlan Howat
St Andrews College Pipe Band Christchurch, New Zealand

Liam Kernaghan
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Post by Liam Kernaghan » Thu Apr 06, 2006 5:39 am

Its very repetitive, its almost like doing Technique Practice.

4th part is the best though, cool.

Maybe fix up the first three so they are not soo.... the word i think is... "obvious"


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Post by smithers » Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:52 am

I agree with Liam in that the 4th part is mantis :D

Although a few comments.

Listen to it again and listen for which gracenote dominates the tune. It's G gracenote. Watch that when writing tunes that they're not over run with the constant sound of gracenotes.

Also agree the first three parts a a bit predictible, but in saying that build on the fourth part and this tune has a 'suite' sound to it. Maybe you could develop a Suite for STAC to play? Who knows.

Good stuff!

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