"My dearest on Earth, give me your kiss"

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  • Tune Database entry
  • Tune Name: "My dearest on Earth, give me your kiss"

  • Tune Type: N/A Ceol Mor

  • Composed By: ?

  • Arranged By: P. Society

  • Year Composed: ?

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"My dearest on Earth, give me your kiss"

Post by arundonax » Sat Feb 03, 2007 9:53 am

Here's the piece... It should be noted, however, that I respectfully do NOT agree with Robert MacNeil and think that all pipe music from here on out should (using his program) be written with F-sharp and C-sharp as standard practice. That may be how the rest of the music world would prefer to have our scores written, but the two sharps are not needed by pipers and never have (plus it just looks HIDEOUS), thus I engrave all my score sheets accordingly.

I have gone to the trouble of changing the midi note value in the configure-play menu and have set it to "Low A at B flat" with C at midi note 62 and F at whatever F sharp is.

The tune is in Landscape, as I think all pipe tunes should be, or, at least 2/4 marches and Ceol Mor. And it is divided between two pages.

Thank you.
My Dearest on Earth pg 1.bww
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